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A standard crib on wheels with an opening on one long side.


A crib from IKEA. The base of the bed can be mounted at different heights (IKEA original). On one side of the bed a number of the central slats were removed. The user made an opening where a strong piece of cloth was nailed onto the lower frame. The fabric is attached to the upper part of the frame with Velcro. This device makes it is easy to open and close the opening.  When the fabric is open, it is easy to place the baby in the crib or to pick up the baby from the crib. The user also mounted casters on the crib so it can easily be moved.


The advantage of this bed is that it does not take up too much room. It is easy to move it from room to room. The disadvantage is that the user cannot access it from the front since there is no room for her knees underneath it. Another disadvantage is that she can’t pull the covers back over the baby or pat the baby when the fabric is in place. She is thinking about making a hole in the fabric for this purpose.


A crib from IKEA




Use a saw to remove the middle slats from the bed on one long side. Sew a piece of fabric that is slightly larger than the opening with a Velcro strip on the upper edge. Use a staple gun to secure it to the inside of the lower frame. Gua a corresponding Velcro strip to the outside of the upper frame. The fabric is on the inside of the bed frame, folds over the upper edge and is attached on the outside. Fabric strips can also be attached along the top edges to tie the fabric in place.

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