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Babysitter seat mounted on table with castors, suitable for parents who use a wheelchair.


An ordinary babysitter seat was used together with a table from IKEA. Easy to move to and from the parent’s lap and easy to get close to the baby.

Before the baby was big enough to sit in the babysitter the tipster used a portable plastic crib on castors borrowed from the maternity ward. However, this crib was relatively high and deep, and more difficult for a person sitting in a wheelchair to move the baby.

Both the crib borrowed from the hospital and the babysitter seat on the table were used when the user needed to move to and from the bed, to the toilet, or to the couch to nurse the baby, and the user could not hold the baby at the same time. Since both the bed and the table are portable the baby could also always be there and have a good view of the surroundings.


This modification worked very well when the baby was small.


Babysitter seat, table, castors


Table and castors from IKEA, babysitter seat from children’s stores


The legs of a table from IKEA were cut to the appropriate height. Castors were attached to each table leg. Five small holes were drilled into the table top through which the babysitter was attached. Five strips of stiff material were cut to serve as straps (photo 3). The straps were placed in each corner (photo 4) of the babysitter frame and an extra attachment was placed in the middle of the loop.