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A cradle suspended from the ceiling for infants.


The cradle, called Mawok, is used for infants up to 6 months (or until they learn to roll over onto their stomach). The cradle is first suspended from a spring and then using a line to reach the ceiling. The line is attached on the ceiling in a track that can be guided in over the bed or be hanging freely over the floor.


I am the baby’s mother and I have a spinal cord injury. When it was time for bed we pulled the cradle over the bed and when I sat up in bed the cradle was at the perfect height in front of me. All sleepy and tired, I just had to sit up in bed and reach for our little baby to nurse. In other words, our baby slept above us. During the day we pulled the cradle out over the floor next to the bed. Then it was also easy to pick up the baby because the height was just right for me. The spring suspension of the cradle helped our children to fall asleep quickly and comfortably in the cradle. We also brought the cradle with us when we spent the night away from home. It is easy to fold and pack in the bag that comes with it. There is also an accompanying hanging device to hang the cradle on doors. In my opinion the Mawok is the best product in the world!


Mawok hammock/cradle


We bought ours used, but the Swedish company ReiRei provides it to retailers.