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A crib called “bedside cribe” that can be placed next to adult beds.


The crib can be adjusted to the proper height to fit an adult bed. By folding down one side the crib can be placed next to an adult bed. The crib can also stand separately in the room.


It can be used as a completely separate space-saving crib for a newborn by folding down one long side of the bed and using it as an “extension” of the parent’s bed. Nice not to have to get up at night and have the baby close at hand when it’s time for feeding and diaper changing. For diaper changing, I’ve had a small basket with the essentials next to the bed and changed the baby on the bed on a disposable changing pad that can be thrown away if an accident should occur. Works great until the baby needs a bed with higher sides. It also has wheels so you can move it around with you.


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See also the German crib Babybay! It is available at several Swedish retailers.