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Kategori: Carry/lift children


A combined soft carry cot, baby carrier, mattress, babynest that is very helpful for lifting and moving.


A small convenient carrycot with sides that fold down. The carrycot becomes a mattress on the floor or in bed. The carrycot has handles, as well as a harness so you can carry it with your shoulders and have your hands free. Suitable for use during baby’s first year of life.


One difficulty for me as a father in a wheelchair with poor core stability is lifting in certain situations. Lifting with both hands a bit away from my body does not work for me, nor does lifting between the floor and my lap. To conveniently deal with this type of lifting I’ve used a Sleepcarrier carrycot. It has been worth its weight in gold! Lifting and moving the baby has felt safe. Good for lifting between bed and carriage, and for moving easily without waking a sleeping baby. Our son has slept in it at night, safe and secure, tucked in between the two of us. It’s been a bit like a safe zone for him. I’ve put him to sleep in it many evenings, rolling around in figure eights in the apartment. I’ve been his personal baby carriage outdoors with the Sleepcarrier carrycot on my lap and the harness that belongs to it.




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