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Parenting on wheels

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Wonderfully Ordinary

Rick Hansen Institute, in Canada, has produced this short film!
We also recommend SPINALpedia.

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ottoWomen with spinal cord injury can give birth normally (vaginal delivery), just like any other woman. Also as with other women, circumstances may sometimes require a cesarean section. Labor and delivery are often quick since body muscles do not offer much resistance. Read more

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ISCOS 2014


Erika and Nora at the international spinal cord injury conference, ISCoS.
There are many who have been interested in our project. Now we hope for several new collaborations!

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health & rehab trade fair


Yesterday we visited the trade fair for disability-related products and service, called Health & Rehab in Copenhagen. We saw this invention that could function as a baby carriage. The invention also pulls the wheelchair!

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