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A parent with poor core balance found a way to lift the baby into the car seat.


Method for placing the baby in the car seat if you have poor balance and don’t have the strength to lift the baby into the car seat. Works from newborn infants until the child no longer fits in the seat. By leaving the car seat strapped in the car the parent does not have to deal with the heavy and difficult lifting to move the baby in and out of the car.

Photo 1: The car seat is on the rear seat facing outwards. The seat belt is fastened position, but extended. With the child on her lap, the parent positions the wheelchair as close to the car as possible and pulls the car seat out so that it is leaning toward the wheelchair.

Photo 2: The parent pushes the child over to the car seat. She keeps her balance by stabilizing her left arm against the door frame of the car. The parent buckles the baby into the car seat.

Photo 3 The parent positions the car seat correctly on the seat and puts the seat belt in place. She begins by positioning the waist belt. She keeps her balance by holding on to the car seat safety bar.

Photo 4 The parent pulls out the belt to maximum length and pulls it around the infant seat. She attaches the belt in hooks and buckles according to the car seat instructions and tightens the seat belt as much as possible.

Photo 5 The baby is ready to travel


With my first child, I did not drive when I was alone, it was too heavy to lift the baby with car seat into the car. When I had my second child, the family had moved to the country and I was forced to use the car, or I would have been completely isolated. That’s when I developed this technique that works very well for me despite poor core balance and impaired hand function


An ordinary car seat that is installed directly on the back seat.


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