“Spinal cord injury and parenting”  is a Swedish project aimed at increasing knowledge about fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting for people with spinal cord injuries. The project is run by the Spinalis Foundation.

Parenting on wheels


ottoWomen with spinal cord injury can give birth normally (vaginal delivery), just like any other woman. Also as with other women, circumstances may sometimes require a cesarean section. Labor and delivery are often quick since body muscles do not offer much resistance. Read more



There are no obstacles that prevent a woman with spinal cord injury from becoming pregnant. Studies show that a woman with spinal cord injury has the same prospects to give birth to a completely healthy child as a woman without spinal cord injury. Read more


bild-1Spinal cord injury has no direct effect on female fertility. However, the situation is more complicated for a man with spinal cord injury. Up until 1990, becoming a father the natural way was considered nearly impossible. But today the prospects are very different. Read more


2013-12-06 12.03.44-2You can use Google translate to read our Swedish blogs written by parents with SCI. You will find them at mammapappalam.se/blogg/blogg/

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